About Us

Since 1980 we have been making every effort to gain ground with our expertise and experience in the field of quality meat industry. Now ZOLLAI baromfi- és húsfeldolgozó Zrt. (ZOLLAI Meat and Poultry Processing Ltd.) is an exclusive supplier of the domestic hotel and catering industry.
Our products can be found in domestic and foreign retail and whole trade. Thanks to the selected ingredients, the careful and unique processing ZOLLAI products meet the challenges of the highest qualities and of the most refined palates. ZOLLAI Meat and Poultry Processing Ltd. strives to the continous development and renewal from the very beginning. Decades long experience of producers and suppliers ensure the excellent quality of the ingredients.
Our range of goods is expanding continously: among our processed products, apart from fresh poultry products (duck, goose, chicken, turkey, hen), you can find various sausages, ham, cooked, smoked, marinated goods, liver, canned liver, paté and Hungarian specialities such as goose and duck liver.
Nowadays consumers have been more and more demanding of putting into circulation products that offer not only enjoyment and nutritional value but also maximum safety.
In order to meet this goal, we have applied HACCP food safety system since 2001.
The strategy of ZOLLAI Meat and Poultry Processing Ltd. is based on excellent goods, affordable prices, quick and reliable delivery. ZOLLAI aims not only at the satisfaction of consumers but also maintains the balance of interests of owners, colleagues, society and the environment. Our goal is to enforce our role with our expertise and commitment in the field of quality meat industry in Hungary and abroad too. In this way delicious products will be healthier as well!


Besides our company’s internal food safety system operating successfully for many years, in June of 2001 ZOLLAI introduced HACCP food safety system too. The common operation of the two systems guarantees the excellent quality of transported and processed basic materials and the quality of delivered and sold products.